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Important Dates To Remember!: News & Updates
Valentines Day Service


Updated: September 18, 2020:

Saturday, September 19th Evangelism Outreach Distribution of hats and gloves to those in need, at 10:30am for setup.  The actual event is from 11am-1pm.

Friday, October 9th CAMWMW Blue and Gold Gala Colorado Association of Minister’s Wives and Minister’s Widows Blue and Gold Gala, Place TBD.

Saturday, October 31st Evangelism Outreach Sweet Hallow Eve (Trunk or Treat), God's Will Christian Fellowship Parking Lot, 3500 Forest Street, Denver, CO 80207, 12:00pm – 2pm.

Saturday, November 21st – Epworth Foundation (Daddy Bruce) Outreach (Thanksgiving Dinner Basket Assembly Preparation), 34th & High Street, Denver, CO, 80205, 9am – 12:00pm.

Saturday, December 5th Evangelism Outreach Christmas Caroling – Nursing Home/Hospital, Location and other details TBD.

Sunday, December 20th Evangelism Outreach Annual Youth & Young Adults (YAYA) Christmas Service, at God's Will Christian Fellowship, during the 12pm Noon Worship Service.

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