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From Our Pen To Your Heart!


When God created the world, he also ordained and established this time; when he would place the ministry he gave us in your view, to partner with us to assist in accomplishing the work he has set forth for this ministry!  It is not by coincidence or happenstance that you are reading this!  Is God leading you to become a part of God’s Will Christian Fellowship (GWCF) or to partner with us?  Everything God does is with purpose and intentionality!

It is in light of this God ordained occasion that we welcome you with open arms into our family!  Please do not think of your decision to partner with us as “joining a church” or “becoming a member!”  The words “church” and “membership”, can denote a negative connotation, especially when used in the context of referring to God’s people.

On the contrary, our prayer is that you would consider this partnership as “joining a family” and becoming part of “The Home Team Disciples!”  When one thinks of the word family, warm thoughts tend to come to mind and permeate the soul.  Also, knowing that you are on the “Home Team”, as opposed to being a “visitor” or a “guest”, should bring a sense of accountability, empowerment, responsibility, ownership and teamwork!  We are in this thing together!

Here at GWCF, we strive to do only God’s will and not our own!  Our mission and purpose is to do God's will through evangelism, teaching and worship to bring individuals into relationship with Christ for the advancement of God's kingdom and pursuit of abundant life.

With this in mind, it is our prayer that your spiritual growth pleases God!  It is our hope that your life only produces the spiritual fruit that pleases God!  It is our expectation that you discover and/or exercise your God-given spiritual gifts to please God!

If there is anything we can do to serve you and make your stay as a “Home Team Disciple” more spiritually productive, please let us know, as we are here to do God’s will!

Please Know That You Are Welcome!!!

Pastor Frank & 1st Lady Evangelist Dr. Tywanna Jones, GWCF

Our Pastor & 1st Lady: Our Pastor
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